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The root-cause of the majority of issues we suffer with actually boils down to one main cause: self-esteem, or rather, our lack of it.

Whether we are experiencing issues, concerns, difficulties, or challenges (call them what you will), we all want the same things in life. We want friendlier, happier, more loving, sexier, romantic relationships. We also wish to communicate with more ease; that means listening, as well as influencing, so both parties are understood. We certainly aspire to attaining financial freedom, and we’d like to choose work, careers, or a business that fulfils our sense of purpose. Plus we definitely want to enjoy vital health, a zest for life and increase our chances of longevity.

So what stops us from achieving our hearts desires? Often it’s because we’ve convinced ourselves people won’t accept, like, or love us. Maybe it’s because when we were younger, we didn’t receive the unconditional love, or acceptance we all need to build a healthy self-esteem? Consequently, we carry around feelings of low self-worth through to our adult relationships. Possibly it’s because no matter how loud we tried to be heard, we were ignored, marginalised, or worse, physically trampled on.

All these reasons and more create profoundly negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviours which we continue to act out, until such times as we change our perception of our self-worth. In the meantime, we don’t believe we are worthy of being in loving relationships. We don’t value ourselves enough to aspire to being satisfied in our dream job. Our low self-worth doesn’t merit fame and fortune. We don’t even feel we have the right to a fit and healthy body.

So we abuse and neglect our body, we sabotage our prospects and we engage in toxic relationships. We habitually replay all the negative comments we’ve ever heard growing up about never amounting to much, or we tell ourselves I mustn’t get above myself.

So when someone surprises themselves by surpassing their expectations, they suffer a huge amount of stress because they feel like a fraud and are anxious about being found out. Same thing with lottery winners; they often go completely off the rails doing anything and everything they can to get back to where they were before simply because they feel undeserving and uncomfortable. They don’t know how, or what to think because the paradigm of themselves and their situation has been so altered they literally can’t cope.

The good news is that whatever the reason for experiencing low self-esteem in the past, it does not need to continue, or define the future, unless you let it.

Everything we think, do and believe are simply learnt behaviours; we copied them from someone else. Meaning, with motivation, commitment and a little help from your Dial A Guru authors, we’ll all learn new empowering, more positive and healthier ways to think and behave in future.

All we need to get started is to find the courage to say “enough”! Then identify what changes we need to make that will ensure we enjoy a future that is happier and healthier than our past.

Next we need to make a concerted effort to finally become authentic and start living the life we dream of living. The key to succeeding is often as easy as getting out of your own way by over-coming self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviours that keep us stuck.

But what exactly is self-sabotage?

Essentially it’s anything that stops us moving forward which interestingly happens even when we think and say we want to achieve something; a classic example is when we say “we are starting a diet tomorrow”. We all know from experience tomorrow never comes.

So self-sabotage is when we find ourselves procrastinating; we dilly dally over the simplest things; we postpone making decisions; we defer taking an action until the time is right (of course we know that the time is always right). When we do this we may be described as dragging our feet, regardless of what we call it all these scenarios are actually us self-sabotaging ourselves. We all do it, the trick is to recognise when we’re doing it, stop and consider why, then do something else instead. Even taking a small step in the right direction increases our motivation to keep going.

It is said “we each have two lives, the one we live, and the one we dream of living”. Dial A Guru authors are passionate about helping us be brave and authentic enough to live the life we dream of living.

Books like ours become an enormously supportive tool in helping us make those changes. Consequently, we kick off with Eva’s inspirational story about how it’s never too late to realise your dream work project. She is followed by Wendy who explains her strategy for learning to like, love and accept ourselves, which has the added benefit of training others about how we wish to be treated, it’s all about leading by example. Then Bettina proves it’s possible to break old habits that no longer serve us, and demonstrates how to swap them for ones with renewed purpose.

Ruby shares the importance of being brave enough to be authentic, and live the life we desire, rather than the one we think we should be living. Next An explains a fun, and innovative way we can all benefit from on-line strategies for increased personal and professional success. She is followed by Ildiko who received a push from the universe just when she needed it most to fulfil her dream vocation and encourages you to do the same, but without the push, or the wait!

Then Elaine brings the focus back to our inner-self with a fabulous guide into how, what, where and when to practice mindfulness to minimise stress and over stimulation. Audio links are also provided for those that prefer to listen to her dulcet tones. Finally, Mala brings things to a close by summing up her empowering strategies for creating success, whatever your definition of success may be.

So, there you have it: eight caring sharing authors, writing eight insightful, potentially life-changing chapters. However, we know reading isn’t enough to make a change stick. Change has to be accompanied by doing; putting things into practice, one thing at a time. So please combine reading this book with the exercises in the accompanying workbook to achieve maximum benefit, so you too can start living the life you dream of.

Wishing you the best of everything you wish for yourself.

Dawn Campbell



Available in print: Amazon.UK and and Kindle: Amazon.UK  and


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