Dial A Guru Series

How to Use This Series

This dynamic and interactive series of personal, professional and business self-development co-authored books are for anyone and everyone who has ever experienced self-sabotage and wants to live the life they dream of.

Sam Thorpe, International Speaker, Trainer and Author of METAMessages From Your Body said about our seriesYou will get the most out of this book if you approach it with curiosity. Curiosity for the journeys of the authors and a curiosity to reflect on what resonates with you, and equally what you choose to discard. 

This series is packed with so many opportunities for personal discovery that I suggest you use the accompanying workbook not just for the exercises that have been skilfully designed to move you closer towards that light that you seek, but to make a note of your own light-bulb moments when your world shifts and your light inside shines just a little bit brighter”.

The first exercise is the one featured on our book cover – the Wheel of Life. That’s because it’s a popular tried and tested tool used to help identify where we’re blocked, benchmark our priorities and resources; monitor progress, and build accountability while promoting successful goal achievement.

You’ll find a copy of this useful tool with full instructions in the accompanying workbook; there is one for each series.  Early bird orders (for the print copy of any series), receives a  PDF workbook free. When you’ve filled your Wheel of Life out it will become a great at a glance visual aid for navigating your life.  It highlights which areas are out of balance so you know exactly where to focus your attention.

The spokes in the Wheel of Life represent the different topics covered in each book.  These topics cover the typical scenarios that sabotage us from achieving our true potential.  Learning how to overcome self-sabotage is one of the keys to achieving our goals and living the life we dream of.  Topic themes (to name but a few) include:

  • success at work, career management and starting, or developing a profitable business
  • building healthier relationships with our ourselves, family, friends and colleagues
  • reconnecting to self to enjoy  ‘me time’ through recreation, fun and creativity
  • health principles for developing physical, mental and spiritual well-being
  • alternative therapies; meditation, homeopathy, reflexology for stress management
  • better communication through increased self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness
  • creating a nurturing home environment and productive work space
  • personal and business financial freedom.

Our co-authors are writing about these important life issues because they have experience and expertise in these areas.  They’ve built their business around these issues and their passion for their subject positively shines through.  That’s why readers benefit from using this series as part of their success tool kit, not least because all authors share a wealth of inspirational tips, practical exercises, insightful questions and exercises for you to work through in our own time. Consequently, each book is accompanied by its own workbook. Working together through these books will help you achieve happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyles.

There is no right or wrong way to read our books. Some of you will want to read them cover to cover; others will choose to dip in and out as the need arises. Either way, I’m sure  they will keep you engaged and coming back for more.

Series so far include:

Awaken Your True Potential – is available right here, right now on Amazon in print and Kindle.  There is also an accompanying workbook to help you complete the exercises and questions and record your personal, professional and business growth.

Get Out of Your Own Way! –  is available for pre-order here (all print pre-orders receive a complementary accompanying PDF workbook), and is due end in December 2015.

Heal Your Life and Thrive! – is available for pre-order here (all print pre-orders receive a complementary accompanying PDF workbook), and is due out in January 2016.

Building a Profitable Business – is due out early 2016 in time to help us make successful New Year Solutions (instead of the old regurgitated Resolutions that don’t work).


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