Dial A Guru Editor

Editor and co-author of the Dial A Guru initiative. 

“If you can’t write a whole big grown up book… co-author one”.    Hear Dawn being interviewed here by Lori Brooks.

Dawn’s corporate life provided a variety of professional writing opportunities.  Following which she became a writer and editor for the International Institute of Coaching & Mentoring (IIC&M) when she produced their award winning e-zine for two years.

Dawn has also co-authored 4 published books; Breaking Free of Self-Sabotage, Getting Well, Breaking the Barriers and The Young Professional Women.  All books are available here http://www.nyasa.biz/books/.

Since then, Dawn has written and published four eBooks: 14 Day Raw Weight Loss, Water Fasting, The Virtual Home Detox and Walking for Health.

Having enjoyed the process of writing with other people Dawn created her own co-authored book series called Dial A Guru. This initiative was extended to co-authors because she kept coming across potential authors who talked about writing a book, but needed the encouragement and discipline to write.

Co-authoring offers that and so much more which is invaluable for new authors. A co-authored book provides the perfect compromise; new authors don’t have to worry about having enough material to fill a whole book which may be a bit daunting.  The entire process is taken care of for them, not least there’s a schedule to honour so accountability increases.   Also we know collaboration makes the process more fun not least because writing is a lonely business!

A major benefit is sharing the workload of PR & Marketing when the book is published and ready to be launched which is a real bonus, not least because it’s where the hard work really begins!

Joining forces with a community of like-minded writers helps us develop our strengths and build confidence. Now nearly half of our new co-authors are penning their own books thanks to going through this learning curve.

As a result of networking and promoting this exciting book series Dial A Guru boasts an impressive group of professional, qualified, experienced and passionate writers.   Backgrounds range from existing authors, magazine owners, therapists, teachers and coaches to name but a few.

Our growing writing community is represented across the globe to include: India, Poland, Ireland, US, Wales, Poland, France, England, Spain, Hungary, Philippines, Romania and Scotland – so far.

As commissioning editor, Dawn provides co-authors a huge amount of support and valuable information for each step of the process from writer’s top tips, to PR & Marketing, to Press Release Templates and much more.  Everything they need to add a book to their signature platform and raise your profile as an expert in your chosen field.

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‘’Dawn makes for an excellent editor.  With many years experience as a Coach, Holistic Practitioner, Author and Editor Dawn understands my work and the message I wish to convey fully.  She is able to turn my writing around at the drop of a hat into something that is more fluid, eloquent and to the point.  I recommend her not only as an editor but as a business coach too ~ Wendy Fry, Emotional Health & Relationship Consultant, Author of Find YOU, Find LOVE

Congratulations on creating the paperback series of DAG1, I received my copy today.  What a lovely chunky volume it is.  You/we made it! Well done to all involved. Wendy

“Dawn is such a fabulous Editor!  She is very efficient, lays everything out really clearly and supports you by sending through useful bits of information to help you with writing your book.  I would not have known where to start but with Dawn’s expertise I’ve not only crafted my chapters for my book but also learnt lots of new things about writing along the way too”.  Ruby McGuire

Ooh I got my copy of my book today – Sooo exciting! Thank you for all of your incredible hard work to make my chapters the best they could be! 🙂 Ruby xxx

What can I say? I am totally impressed. I think that running a group effort like this takes a very special mix of talent and you are doing a stellar job! Thanks for this amazingly clear document, considering the numbers and the complexity, it is quite an accomplishment. I just want to say bravo!!  I firmly believe that my text, for whatever it´s worth, is much better for having had you there. I am now convinced I need an editor! Now I know why writers love their editors so much!  Elaine Rudnicki 

I feel like all the congratulations should be yours. Well done! and it´s just the beginning! Elaine x

Dawn, thanks for this. I am so impressed with your comments – thank you so much for taking so much time and care in giving them. Really helpful.  Bettina Pickering

“Thank you, Dawn Campbell. You have been wonderful to work with as an editor and mentor for this book. ” Bettina

Dawn is a great editor and extremely helpful with any little bumps I have had on my way to becoming a co-author.  She has been very helpful with advice on how to promote myself and also giving me ideas on what else I can add to help educate people about  the benefits of Reflexology and Homeopathy. She has been a great listener and hope that we will work together again on many books in the future. To my amazing Guru, Thank You Danni Lindsay x 

Thank you Dawn for your enormous support through this incredible journey to becoming an author.  Ildiko

I meant to say, THANK YOU FOR PUSHING ME! 🙂 Really, really, really. I’m grateful. I think you believed in me more then I believe in myself. Now, I’m in tears for having achieved something that I thought could never happen; being an author, and one in an English language book too is kinda crazy, right ? :))) ❤ ❤❤❤ Eva Tornallyay