Dial A Guru series – There has never been a better time to choose yourself!

what's your story“If you don’t choose the life you want to live, chances are, someone else is going to choose it for you. And the results are probably not going to be pretty”.  James Altucher.

In other words, our life is our responsibility,  hence we co-authored Awaken Your True Potential (series 1), to help empower others  to develop success strategies and winning ways to live happier, healthier and wealthier lifestyles.  How do we achieve these goals?  By learning how to Get Out of Your Own Way!  (series 2), and ending procrastination and self-sabotage.  Once you’ve swapped negative habits for more helpful ones, you’ll be confident enough to Heal Your Life and Thrive! (series 3), and finally, start living life you dream of – at home and in the workplace.

Each series has an accompanying PDF workbook (not a stand alone product), packed with insightful questions, challenging exercises, inspiration quotes, case studies and stories for self-discovery.

Many Dial A Guru authors are also sought after coaches, holistic practitioners, therapists and trainers, all available to help you on a 1-2-1 basis build on the momentum of the work you are doing on yourself.

Gift voucher available for all three books.

All early bird orders for the print copy of this series will receive the accompanying PDF workbook free – just register your order here.  Or, buy someone special this voucher.

Gift voucher

Contact any of the authors here

For more Information about the benefits of becoming a future co-author see:


About Dawn Campbell

Master Coach, Mentor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Author and Editor of Dial A Guru series of co-authored personal, professional and business self-help books.
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