Dial A Guru series – Love Yourself like Your Life Depends on It

audrey hepburn quoteThis is a great quote by Kamal Ravikant, and that’s what we at #DialAGuru think too, what’s why we write about the importance of living the life we dream of.    After all “If you don’t love yourself like your life depends on it”, who else do you think will?

Seriously, just stop for a moment and honestly answer that question… so what’s the answer?  The reality is, and this is why self-help books like our series are still so much in demand, very few people can truthfully say they are authentic, that they love and accept themselves, or that they are living the life they dream of, which is why we experience so much crap at home and in the workplace.

It’s not that self-help books don’t work, clearly for many people they do work.  The real problem with self-help books is not with the books per se, but with the fact that the majority of people who read them only read them.  These people are collectors; they are creating their very own, very dusty shelf-help library.

Yes they get super inspired when  reading these books, and yes they feel full of good intentions, but what they fail to realise is that to get a return on their financial and time investment (for all this book buying and reading), they need to get off their backside and take action if they are to make any a desired change successful, and what’s more, they need to do it consistently.

And there lies the problem; most people cannot be bothered to consistently do anything for long enough to gain the rewards; just take New Year Resolutions that are typically abandoned before the end of January as a key example.

There I’ve said it, judging by the staggering on-going growth of the self-help industry, the real issue lies with the readers motivation, intention, commitment, enthusiasm, discipline {call it what you will} because  “If there is no change nothing changes”.  Full stop.  End of.  It really is that simple.  It’s down to us to love ourselves like our life depends on it because no-one else can or will do it for us, they’re all too busy dealing with their own crappy lives to worry about our crap.  We have to step up and take responsibility for loving our self in order to live the personal and professional life we desire.

So if you’re ready to change for the better by swapping your crap for something more positive, then read our series.  Remember though, change is hard, it’s so darn hard we even oppose the changes we say we want for ourselves.  So clearly, change is not for the feint hearted; you may even need some help, in which case consider working 1-2-1 with any number of the many Dial A Guru authors who are also sought after coaches, holistic practitioners, therapists and trainers, because they’ll help you turn the magic you enjoy reading about in our self-help series into a reality.

Series 1 Awaken Your True Potential and then

Series 2 Get Out of Your Own Way!  so you can start to

Series 3 Heal Your Life and Thrive! (awaiting publication date).

Each series also has an accompanying PDF workbook (not a stand alone product), packed with insightful questions and challenging exercises to journal your self-discovery.

Gift voucher available for all three books.

All early bird orders for the print copy of this series will receive the accompanying PDF workbook free – just register your order here.  Or, buy someone special this voucher.

Gift voucher

Contact any of the authors here

For more Information about the benefits of becoming a future co-author see:


About Dawn Campbell

Master Coach, Mentor, Holistic Health Practitioner, Author and Editor of Dial A Guru series of co-authored personal, professional and business self-help books.
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